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Crime Stoppers SA

Welcome to South Australia’s Crime Stoppers, an anti crime initiative involving the Police, Media and Community at large.

If you have an information that may help solve a crime, or about criminals and their activities generally, please call 1800 333 000.

This is not an interactive website, please call the telephone number above if you have any information. No name needed. Police officers are available to take your call 7 days a week from 8:00-22:00

Police Checks

Police Checks

Police checks provide details regarding pending charges and court outcomes. They’re also known by numerous other names. People often call them criminal history checks and police clearances. Police checks, in short, provide people with in-depth criminal history assessments. Police checks are often offered by the AFP (Australian Federal Police) for numerous different purposes. People often need them for employment in different nations. They sometimes need them for Australian government positions. They sometimes even need them for immigration reasons.

Employers frequently conduct police checks on job candidates. Police checks can be helpful for business owners who want to keep their establishments safe and secure. They can also be helpful for business owners who want to hire employees who are trustworthy and well behaved.

These kinds of checks can also come in handy for businesses that regularly work with individuals who may be ‘at risk’ in some way. Critically ill people may be an example. They can even help businesses that that have control over substantial resources. These checks can, last but not least, be convenient and useful for businesses that regularly oversee information that’s on the sensitive and confidential side.

Employers need to be aware of all different types of dangers. Performing criminal history checks can often save business owners from serious hassles. These include procurement fraud, theft, accounting fraud, Internet crime, corruption and even bribery. It’s also important for employees to know about personal rights that are associated with criminal history Police check Express. Business owners should never discriminate against job candidates for any reason.

Criminal history checks aren’t always 100 percent effective. That’s because they’re not able to pinpoint individuals who may commit crimes at later times. They’re not able to pinpoint individuals who have steered clear of being caught before, either. That’s understandable. This is exactly why these checks should only be a fraction of any business’ overall security approach.

If you own a business and want to do whatever you can to keep it a safe and happy place, it may be time for you to learn more about your police check options. These checks can give you a lot of peace of mind.

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Business Coaching: Be More Competitive and Effective

Business Coaching: Be More Competitive and Effective

Business coaching helps business owners to improve their businesses. Sometimes, it requires certain changes so the business will operate on a higher level and will grow. It involves personal growth and an honest analysis of the way owners run their businesses and make a profit. Action Victoria Business coaching helps people maximize time, investments, and resources. It is not just for companies that are having problems. Any company can benefit from learning techniques for a greater success.

Areas that need improvement will be identified in the business coaching process. The business coach will ask the right kind of questions to determine problematic areas. Then, the coach and owner will develop a plan of action to implement any necessary changes. This process is based on action. Business coaches do not tell owners what to do. They help owners see the needs themselves and what has to be done about them.

Business coaching may introduce new skills to existing ones. The way that this is done may be through guidance, training, and support. The main goal is to help growth, increased production, and higher profits. The owner can become more successful and fulfilled. Some of the areas covered in business coaching include things like leadership, marketing, and team building.

Even though business coaching usually involves training, its main goal is to help owners to identify their targets and to realize their potential. While doing this, the coach will provide support that owners and their companies need to achieve them. Owners can focus on what they need to do and the best way to do it. Business coaching experts will be at the owners’ side along the journey.

Another premier goal of business coaching is to make the company effective and competitive, and to give the owner a sense of success. When owners have the help of coaching, they can create a strategy that identifies the steps required. They can take these steps and realize the goals they have for their business.

Owners can benefit from different modes of business coaching. They can have personal coaches, attend workshops, have group coaching, or read up on coaching articles. Choosing which one depends on what investments the owners are willing to make and what they expect to accomplish.